What are Mevo Cameras?

Mevo cameras are pocket-sized live event cameras that lets you live edit your video while your event unfolds. These cameras helps busy consumers, organizations, and event producers seamlessly share the engaging stories of their live events by putting the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production studio in their hands.

Instead of a traditional viewfinder, Mevo cameras pair with the Mevo mobile apps (iOS/Android) that shows your picture. With the app, you can crop your shot via standard camera motions (zoom, pan) as well as cut from one cropped area to another, creating the appearance of a multi-camera event from a single shot.

Mevo camera's leading-edge technology enables an entirely new kind of video sharing experience for a wide variety of uses – from concerts to conferences, sports to school plays, and the events that business owners of all sizes need to share online. 


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