Streaming Destinations

The Mevo mobile apps can stream to many of the most popular destinations. Below you will find each destination along with directions for each platform.

Multi-destination streaming

Although you may have access to multiple destinations, to stream to multiple simultaneously you will need a Vimeo plan. Here you will see both links to how to use multi destination and Vimeo plans.

Facebook (Free)
Currently, you can stream to Facebook profiles, Facebook groups, and Facebook pages. Each of these options come with their own requirements and limitations based on your role. You are also able to stream directly to Facebook using RTMPS.

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YouTube (Free)
With YouTube, you can stream without the need for an event or you can stream to a new event. You can also stream to an event that was created in YouTube Studio. YouTube also allows you to go Live to your channel using RTMPS.

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You can go live directly to Twitter directly from the Mevo mobile app. Twitter is limited to a 720p stream.

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Livestream (Paid)
To stream to Livestream you must have a Livestream Premium account. Livestream accounts are no longer available as they have been acquired by Vimeo. You can purchase Vimeo Premium accounts to go live to Vimeo here. (See Vimeo below for guidance on using Vimeo).

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Vimeo (Paid)

To stream to Vimeo you must have a Vimeo Premium account, you can't stream to Vimeo using Vimeo Producer. To purchase a Vimeo Premium account you can go to Vimeo directly here.

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LinkedIn (Beta)

You must be part of the LinkedIn beta to stream to LinkedIn. You can apply for this on LinkedIn. These applications are reviewed and approved by LinkedIn.

Twitch (Free)
You can stream to Twitch channels using the built-in function in the Mevo mobile app. Twitch also allows you to stream directly using RTMPS.

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You can go live to many destinations that allow RTMP/RTMPS connections. Each platform is different but once you have the source URL and key you can insert it in the Mevo mobile app.

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