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The Settings for the Multicam app currently include Transition TypeCamera Input Quality, Crop Settings, and Video Source Latency. To learn all about Camera-Assistant click here. In addition, you can find your app version number in About and contact Support directly from the app in Support.

To access the Settings in the Multicam app tap the 3 dots in the bottom right of the main screen as shown below:

Transition Type Camera Input Quality Crop Settings Video Source Latency
The Transition Type setting allows you to set the default type of transition that you want to use when switching between cameras. This is a great tool for setting the tone of your broadcast or recording. Currently, there are two transition options: Cut and Crossfade.

The Cut option will instantly switch from one camera to the other:

The Cross Fade option will slowly fade out from one camera to the other.  iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAABaMAAAszCAYAAACIWkB7AAABgmlDQ1BzUkdCIElFQzYxOTY2LTIu_45_copy.png

You can specify how fast you want this transition to take by selecting the gear icon and then using the slider to select between 0.1s (very fast fade) all the way to 16.0s (very slow fade). 



Troubleshooting Steps

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