Live Production View & Gestures

Mevo 1.11+ introduces a new live editing experience designed to give you more control as you produce your event. Below is a brief video introducing the new action menu plus new gestures for cropping your shots more smoothly.


Gesture Walkthrough

Once you have connected your Mevo camera to your app, you will see your main Live Production view. In this screen, you will see your Mevo camera's live shot.


In the full, wide view of your live shot, you can use the Mevo app gestures to live edit your event. These gestures include tap to cut, pinch to zoom, and drag to pan or tilt.

Tap to cut: Tap a single finger on a part of your screen to instantly crop that part of the image.


Pinch to zoom: Place your thumb and index finger on opposite corners of the screen and pinch them together to zoom in real-time to a close-up of a specific part of your camera's view.


Drag to pan or tilt: When your shot is zoomed in, you can place a single finger on the cropped area and drag your finger across to move the shot from one area of the screen to the other.

Video Terminology: "Pan" means to move your camera shot left and right; "Tilt" means to move your shot up and down.


In addition to the above controls, Mevo has an Action Menu where certain commands appear if you tap and hold your finger on an area of the screen, shown below.


The + icon will turn the held shot into a static shot.

The scissor icon will cut to that shot. This gives you the opportunity to see the shot before you cut to it; if you don't like the shot, remove your finger and try tapping another nearby part of the screen to get the right shot.

The hare icon will perform a fast pan/zoom; the tortoise icon will perform a slow pan/zoom. The movement type will depend on the preceding shot. For example, if you're going from a wide shot to a close-up, Mevo will zoom in.

You can adjust the default speeds in settings.


When using transitions, pay close attention to the crop boxes; the white rectangle is where your finger is guiding the shot towards, whereas the following colored rectangle (blue or red) is what your viewers are seeing live.


In the top-right corner, you will see your live editing program output. This is what your viewers will see when watching the recording or live stream.

You can use your finger to drag the output monitor to another part of the screen.

The icon with three dots (•••) at the bottom-right corner of the app opens up your More Options menu. This is where you will find additional menus such as Camera Assistant, Image Adjustments, Audio Mixer, and General Settings.


The icon with six squares, to the left of the options menu icon, is to bring up your Grid View. If you have several trackers set to follow faces or other action points, you can see each shot in this view. You can live edit your event in this view by tapping each shot. To return to the live edit view, either tap the in the lower right corner or double tap one of the shots. Mevo will take that shot and resume the original view.


When you have taken a close-up shot (i.e. not in the full wide shot) a full-screen icon will appear to the left of the grid icon. Tap this to cut back to your wide shot.


You can also tap and hold the full-screen icon to reveal the Action Menu and choose a cut, fast pan/zoom, or slow pan/zoom to go back to the wide shot.

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