Mevo Multicam: Slow Wi-Fi Detected


Mevo Multicam offers a popup that helps to alert you to slow Wi-Fi connectivity and a 1 tap solution to lower the input quality and increase latency to help mitigate the slow speed. Shown here is that interactive popup!


What does it mean?

This message should not be confused with slow internet speed. Slow Wi-Fi in this popup means that your local area network (LAN), for example your ipad, cell phone, laptop, and modem /router/access point have poor connection to each other. This connection to one another will impact your stream quality. In the graphic below, the blue lines indicate the connections that this popup is directing you to check out. The green line shown is your internet connection.



How do I fix this? 

For starters, the popup is interactive and pressing it will send a command to the app to lower the quality of your stream to help minimize bandwidth on your network and keep your stream going. This will cause your stream to become more pixelated and have a much longer delay. While this is an on the spot fix, it should be treated as temporary and steps should be taken to improve network speed manually if possible.

Additionally, you can make a big difference by simply checking the placement of the cameras and control device in relation to the modem/router/access point. Clear line of sight is always preferred and keeping the devices all within a good range of one another, and free of debris and obstacles, is desired. We also strongly suggest using POE adapters on the cameras to maximise performance between the camera devices and the Modem/Router. 

You can also improve this quality by limiting the amount of devices that are connected to your wifi or lan while you are streaming. 


Still having an issue?

Our Support Team are always ready to assist as best we can to help you troubleshoot. Please feel free to open a Support Ticket and our agents will do our best to assist you! 


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