Mevo Multicam: How many cameras can I use?

Camera Limit(s)

As of Logitech Mevo Multicam version 1.4.3 you can use more than 3 Mevo Cameras. Since the Mevo Multicam app uses the controlling mobile device to encode we do not recommend you exceed 3 cameras without in-depth testing in your production environment before using it for your actual production! Your device may or may not be capable of handling more than 3 cameras simultaneously.

Improve performance for your mobile device.

These are best practices, this may not improve the performance of your device enough to increase the number of cameras.

  1. Close all other applications on your mobile device. 
  2. Lower brightness on your screen.
  3. Provide external power to your mobile device. This will lower your internal battery temperature.
  4. Lower your resolution for your production.
  5. Increase your latency for your production.
  6. Use a dedicated network via ethernet instead of wireless for your mobile device.
    1. Mevo ethernet would be beneficial but should not be prioritized over your mobile device when using Mevo Multicam
  7. If none of these have improved your experience, you should lower the number of cameras being used or use a newer more powerful device.


Troubleshooting Steps

I can't add more than 3 cameras!
If you are unable to add more than 3 Mevo cameras this would indicate that you are using an outdated Mevo Multicam app. Go to your respective app store to update to unlock this feature.
My stream is dropping or I am getting slow network warnings!
The Mevo Multicam app relies on your mobile device for encoding meaning that these errors would be an indicator that your device may not be powerful enough to run as many cameras as you have configured. Try the steps above to attempt to improve the performance of your device.
My device is getting very hot or shutting down!
If you are experiencing a hot device or overheating device this would indicate your mobile device is not powerful enough to handle the number of cameras you currently have configured. You may have a better experience using a newer, more powerful device. You can try the steps above to attempt to improve the performance of your device.
Can I add a single Mevo Start to my Mevo 3 Pack?
Yes, the single Mevo camera product is the same as the units that come in the Mevo 3 Pack. They can all be used together with the Mevo Multicam application. You can, however, save money by purchasing the Mevo 3-Pack as opposed to purchasing 3 units individually.
Are you still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here, ensure to let the agent know if you've tried our best practices first. The device and how many cameras you are testing with. If you are using beyond 3 cameras you should remove your additional cameras first.
Open Ticket
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