Mevo Multicam: Webcam Mode

You can now send your Logitech Mevo Multicam output to your computer to use it with your favorite platforms such as Streamlabs, Melon, and even conference platforms like Google Meets and Zoom!

Device Requirements

Mevo Multicam version 1.4 (iOS or Android) 

Let's first start with connecting some sources. (You can disconnect/add sources even after starting webcam mode). You can control your entire production in the Multicam app when using Webcam mode as well this includes graphics and audio sources.

Mevo Multicam 2.0

As of 1/7/2023 (Mevo Multicam 2.0), the "Beta" button has been replaced with "Out". Functionality has remained the same. If using an older version, you will still see "Beta"!

  1. Once you have some sources connected, tap on the webcam "Beta" feature.
  2. Press "Get Started" to continue through this process.
  3. Select your computer's' operating system (Mac or Windows) You can then share the link to download. You can also click below to download the appropriate software directly from this page.
    Mac Windows

  4. Press "Next"
  5. Press "Done" and Select "Multicam" as your source in the Mevo Webcam App. This app is launched in your toolbar. Bottom rightfor Windows and top right for Mac.

    Windows Toolbar Mac Toolbar

  6. When you are successfully connected, the Webcam icon in the Multicam will be highlighted red.5__Small_.jpg
  7. Select "Mevo Camera" in the platform of your choice.


Troubleshooting Steps

Google Meet isn't seeing my camera
Depending on your version of MacOS, you may need to disable SIP. You can follow the steps in this article to disable it: Disable SIP
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Mevo Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
Open Ticket
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