Using Mevo with OBS Virtual Camera

Many users are interested in using multiple Mevos in video-conferencing programs like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, etc. It is possible to accomplish this using OBS's Virtual Camera feature. Virtual Camera allows you to use your OBS setup in almost any application that uses a webcam giving you the ability to bring advanced graphics, animations, pre-recorded videos, and sound files into your calls. This works with any number of Mevos that you have connected to your computer and supports all the typical connection types to OBS (Wired Webcam, Wireless Webcam, and NDI)


- Windows or Mac computer
- Download and install the latest version of OBS

Once you've downloaded and installed OBS on your computer and have connected your Mevo(s) simply click the "Start Virtual Camera" button in the bottom right as shown below:


Once Virtual Camera has started you can open the application you'd like to use it with and select "OBS Virtual Camera" as the video source. Here is how that looks in Zoom:


Now that you've selected OBS Virtual Camera as your video source every change that you make in OBS will be reflected in that application.

Audio Note:

Audio is not transferred through OBS Virtual Camera so you need to select your audio source separately in the application you're using.


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