Multicam: Hotspot

In addition to WiFi and Ethernet connection, you can also setup a Multicam broadcast using the Mevo's Hotspot mode. By having one of your Mevo's in Hotspot mode you can connect up to two other Mevos and your phone to this Hotspot network to create a mobile Multicam setup. This is useful when setting up a broadcast at remote locations like sports fields, convention centers, and concerts where a cellular signal is required. 

Note: You can also setup a mobile WiFi network using a home WiFi router/hub for further range.

  1. Using the Mevo 2.0 app select one Mevo and tap Configure MevoConfigureMevo.png
  2. In Network Settings select Mevo Hotspot
  3. Connect your other Mevo(s) to the first Mevo's Hotspot in Network Settings
  4. Connect your phone or tablet (with cellular service) to the Mevo's Hotspot
  5. Finally, open the Multicam app, Connect your Mevos, and stream to your destination of choice as you normally would.

Tip: If your iOS device doesn't automatically start using it's cellular signal you can for it by turning on Airplane mode and enabling WiFi.

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