Multicam: Connecting to OBS

While the purpose of the Multicam app is to replace the need for a computer running live broadcasting software like OBS, we're aware that some users would like to combine the easy-to-use Multicam app with the power of OBS (adding animations, pre-recorded videos, other video sources, etc). We do have plans in the future to add NDI support to Multicam, however until that is added the only way to connect the Multicam app to OBS is through custom RTMP (the method is very similar to the Mevo app).


- Download and install OBS (available on Windows & Mac)
- Download and install Local RTMP Server (Mac)

These steps are specifically for MacOS. We have not tested a Windows solution at this time.

  1. Once installed open Local RTMP Server. It will show up in your Menu Bar at the top of your screen.


  2. For now, leave Local RTMP Server as is and open Network Utility which is most easily found using Spotlight Search (Command⌘ + Space) or by clicking to magnifying glass icon on the top right of your screen.



     Click or press Enter to open Network Utility.

  3. Screen_Shot_2020-07-16_at_8.07.15_AM.png

    Take note of your IP Address. This will be used in the Custom RTMP Destination.

  4. Open your Multicam App and tap the Live Button.


  5. Tap the RTMP Destination Button and select New RTMP


  6. Fill out the Custom RTMP:


    • Name: Setting a custom name will make it easier to find later on if more RTMP Destinations are added.
    • Stream URLType "rtmp://*your_local_computer_IP/live/" (*previously found in Network Utility)


    • Stream Key: The Stream Key can be found by clicking the Local RTMP Server icon in the Menu Bar:


  7. After filling out the Custom RTMP settings tap Add and you will see it show up on the RTMP destinations list. 


  8. When you are ready to start streaming, tap GO LIVE. When the stream starts you will see Live go all red.


  9. Open OBS on your computer and under the Sources section click the + symbol. 


  10. We recommend renaming the video source if you intend on inserting multiple sources into OBS however it is not required.  


    Click OK and the Properties window will open.

  11. UniConverter_000006.GIF

    Uncheck Local File.

  12. Copy the full RTMP URL from Local RTMP Server in the Menu Bar.


  13. Paste the URL into the Input section.


    Press OK and you will see your cameras video feed displayed in the main window and is ready to stream.


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