Connect Mevo to Computer: NDI Walkthrough

Apple M1 Products

Mevo webcam mode is not currently compatible with M1 products, we are actively working to ensure future compatibility.

The Mevo can connect wirelessly to your computer to be used as a video source. This article will detail the steps needed to use the Mevo as a video source using NDI

Before you begin be sure of the following:

  1. Both the Mevo and the Computer are on the same network
  2. Your Mevo has NDI Mode enabled
  3. You have downloaded the latest version of Newteks NDI software and plugins. Download Here

NDI Tools System Requirements

-Microsoft Windows operating system (32-bit compatible; 64-bit recommended)
-NDI Screen Capture requires Windows 8 or better along with a DirectX 11 compatible video card
-NDI Webcam Input require Windows 7 or better
-All other NDI Tools require Windows Vista or better
-Mac-compatible versions of NDI Tools require Mac OS X or better
-Intel Core i3 CPU or better (Intel i5 CPU or better recommended)
-6GB RAM or better 


Spotlight Search (CMD+Spacebar) for “NDI Virtual Input”


Under the NDI tray, select your Mevo. If you have multiple Mevo cameras using NDI they will appear in this tray



Let’s check to see that your Mevo’s signal is coming into your computer:

Spotlight Search (CMD+Spacebar) for “Newtek NDI Video Monitor”


Go to File and select your desired Mevo


Your Video will open in a new window



*If you do not see your video start from the top and check the prerequisites

**Before you continue be sure to CLOSE the “Newtek NDI Video Monitor” to avoid feedback issues. 

Open your video client. For this example we will use Zoom

Spotlight Search (CMD+Spacebar) for “Zoom”


Select the settings menu or by selecting the video source from the list during a call. 


Under the Video settings select “NDI Video” 


Your NDI video will be displayed here


To use the Mevo Cameras NDI Audio, go to the Audio Settings Tab and select “NDI Audio” from the Microphone menu. 


To switch to NDI Video during a meeting go to the Video drop down menu and selecting NDI Video. If using NDI Audio, you will need to switch that manually as well using the Audio drop down menu next to the microphone icon. 



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