Multicam: Using Graphics

The Multicam App Graphics feature allows you to bring more life to your streams. You have the option for Full Screen, Over the Shoulder, Lower Third and Corner Bug overlay. File types and sizes are the same as in the Mevo app.

Image Transparency

All images that require transparency must be over 400x400 pixels in size and in .PNG format on iOS.

You can access existing graphics menu by selecting the picture icon or to add a new graphic, select the blue " + " icon on the bottom left hand side.  


Then select GRAPHICS


Inside the Graphics Menu you will see the graphic types


Full Screen Lower Third Over the Shoulder Corner Bug

Full Screen

This allows you to add a custom overlay that fills up the entire screen. 

Text properties:

Text Color - White or Black

Direction - This aligns the text to the Left, Center, or Right of the screen

Alignment - This aligns the text to the Top, Center, or Bottom of the screen

Background Properties:

Background Color - Change the color of the overlays background.

Color Opacity - Adjust the opacity of the overall overlay

Background Image - Add your own image to the background


 To select a graphic simply tap on it. You will see a RED border around the graphic to indicate it is active. To deselect, simply tap again. 



When using multiple graphic layers, which ever graphic is selected first will be considered the bottom.

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