Multicam: Audio Mixer

The Mevo Multicam app allows you to control each Mevo cameras audio source. Each camera provides its own audio source for the Multicam mix which gives you the benefit of mixing multiple audio sources together. This is great if you need to have the shots match the audio, or have one consistent audio source regardless of shot. The Multicam App can manage both!


Each cameras Audio Mixer settings made in the Mevo app will carry over to the Multicam app. This includes 3.5mm TRS audio sources, USB-C, and Mevo Mic.


You can access the Multicam Audio Mixer by selecting the Waveform Icon as shown below:



Audio Mixer

The Audio Mixer has options to use faders, and mute/select different camera sources.



Monitor and Main Output Meters 

You can toggle Monitoring ON/OFF by selecting the SPEAKER ICON. You can monitor the audio directly from the device running the Multicam App. You have the option of listening back from the devices speaker or by connecting headphones, wired or via bluetooth.

This will not affect the MAIN OUTPUT of your stream/recording

This image below is depicting Monitor Off.


TIP: It is recommended to use headphones when monitoring audio to avoid feedback.

Audio Faders

Each fader adjusts the audio from each individual camera. You can adjust the OUTPUT volume of each camera or tap the Speaker icon to mute.


(Notice when the channels are muted they are greyed out). 

Whatever is activated (highlighted in color) will be sent to the MAIN OUTPUT. You can mix multiple audio sources together or select one individual source for the stream/recording. 

For larger faders select the down arrow next to the "LIVE" button to hide the information panel. 


Troubleshooting Steps

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