Multicam: Configuration and Setup


Each individual camera sends raw footage through your local network to the mobile device running the Mevo Multicam App. The Mobile device then encodes the footage based on the shot selections you make in the app. The mobile device then sends the encoded video through your network and to the platforms you have configured in the Multicam App located on the internet. We've created a diagram to better demonstrate how this works.


When you first open the Multicam app, it will search for nearby cameras. This requires both WiFi and Bluetooth to be enabled on your device. Currently, you can connect up to three cameras of any kind (Mevo Plus/1st Gen, Mevo Start) and combination.

Connecting Your Cameras

If you've previously setup your camera(s) using the Multicam or Mevo app to your WiFi network then you will see a Connect button.


Configuring Camera's WiFi Network

If your camera has a Setup button next to it that means it's not on the same network as the Multicam app device. Tap Setup and you'll see a list of available WiFi networks. Select the WiFi network that you're using for the Multicam app device and you'll be prompted to enter the network's WiFi password.


If you've already connected a camera to your network in the Multicam app then the password will be stored and you'll be able to press Setup and instantly have the option to connect to the network your using.


Recommended Network Configuration

If it works on one network and not another network, there may be configuration differences such as blocked firewall ports. 

To connect the camera with the Multicam App via a Wi-Fi network, please ensure the following ports are open:

  • TCP 38000
  • TCP 38001
  • UDP ports range 61000-63000

Streaming involves a back and forth communication between your local network and the streaming server to which you are sending your stream. To ensure a successful stream, we recommend opening the following Firewall ports to incoming and outgoing communication:

  • TCP 1935
  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443
  • UDP 53
  • UDP 2088

Troubleshooting Steps

Camera is 'Busy'
If you are seeing a camera as 'Busy' and cannot connect that means it's connected to another application or device.
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.

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