Multicam: Recording

The Multicam app is just as great for recording as it is for streaming. You can record the final output video directly to your phone or tablet by enabling Record to Device and you can also take advantage of the Multicam app's ISO Recording feature.

ISO Recording

ISO recording refers to the ability to create isolated recordings of your camera inputs. ISO recording means you can individually record each camera which gives you a lot more freedom in post production.

Record to Device - This will save the final switched video directly to the internal storage of the phone or tablet that you're using to run the Multicam app. To save space you can adjust the resolution or turn this feature off completely.


ISO Recording - When you enable "Record angle backups to all Mevo SD cards" and press Start Recording, all of the cameras will begin recording at the same time and each will record it's view is directly onto the microSD card inserted in it. To save space you can adjust the resolution or turn this feature off completely.


You can start recording by toggling Record ON when going Live or by pressing the Rec button on the homescreen and then selecting Start Recording which can be done at anytime.


When recording, the Rec box on the homepage will be red. Tapping it again will STOP the recording.


Troubleshooting Steps

Computer Won't Read microSD Card
Ensure that your you format your microSD card before use and that the card you're using is Speed Class 4 or higher.
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Please open a support ticket here so a Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.

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