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The Mevo Multicam BETA is a mobile application that currently allows you to use up to 3 Mevo cameras at once within a single app and stream to your favorite destinations. As the BETA progresses we will continue to integrate more of your favorite features from the Mevo 2.0 app and more!

View the BETA Guide

We have a full guide that outlines the BETA process and how to get into the BETA. Click here to view it

We've also included a video to walk you through installation whether you are using an iOS or Android device.

Join our BETA Group!

You can join our Multicam BETA group on Facebook to report any issues or experiences , our engineers regularly monitor posts and feedback provided here by our users.


Troubleshooting Steps

TestFlight is asking for a code to join the BETA.
If you are being prompted for a code to join the BETA simply press the testflight link here and it will provide access to the Mevo Multicam App. This link will only work if you have TestFlight installed already!
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Mevo Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
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