Which Camera Do I Have?

This is a quick and easy way to identify which Mevo camera you have.

Mevo Core


You can instantly identify the Mevo Core by it's cube shape. The name of the unit is located on the right side of the unit, this is the name your Mevo will appear as on WiFi or any application.

Mevo Start


With the Mevo Start we did a complete redesign using the feedback of our customers and knowledge gained through the Mevo (1st Generation) and the Mevo Plus. You can instantly identify the Mevo Start by it's rectangular shape. The serial number is located on the back of the Mevo Start under the word Mevo.

Mevo Plus


Although the Mevo Plus looks very similar to the Mevo (1st Generation) in both size and shape you can tell the Mevo Plus by the grey front grill. The serial number on the bottom of the Mevo Plus will always start with AA002.

Mevo (1st Generation)


The Mevo (1st Generation) can be identified by it's unique red front grill and is the only Mevo to also have come in White. The serial number on the bottom of the Mevo (1st Generation) will always start with AA001.

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