Best Ways To Set Up For A Podcast

Mevo cameras are perfect for podcast setups because of their Camera Assistant features (Find Faces, Live Follow, Auto-Pilot). If you have someone to control the camera manually that's a great option also because they can pick and choose which shots fit the moment best, not to mention have the ability to setup dramatic zooms!

What you'll need:

What could help:


The Mevo Start is the best option due to its ability to handle multiple types of audio inputs including the 3-mic Internal Array, USB-C3.5mm TRS, and Mic APP 



Once you have all your hardware setup and plugged in you can manage your audio levels in the Mevo App's Audio Mixer.



Streaming & Recording

Then of course you can choose to record to a microSD card and/or stream your podcast live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Livestream, LinkedIn, Twitch, or Vimeo!



Graphics, Slides, Overlays

If your doing a video podcast you may want to add on some graphics to really make things look professional or slides for some extra depth or clarity to the discussion. 


Getting Advanced

Since you can connect the cameras to your computer using Wired Webcam, Wireless Webcam, and NDI (Mevo Start Only) then you have the ability to use more advanced broadcasting software like OBS, VMix, Wirecast, and Ecamm Live. This type of software will allow you to add transitions, videos, animations, multiple cameras, complex graphics, chroma keys, and so much more. 

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