iOS 14 Permission Requests

If you have an iOS device that you've recently updated to iOS14 then you'll be prompted by two new permission request notifications while using the Mevo App. Neither one of them is asking for you to give more permission to the app than you previously have given, however, Apple wants to reiterate to it's users what each app is specifically using when it comes to your data. You will only be prompted by these requests one time.

The first prompt you'll be given is about allowing the app to connect to devices on your local network (shown below). The app needs permission to access your local network so that it can locate your camera(s) for use.



The second prompt that you'll be notified about is giving the Mevo app access to your Photos app for saving or sharing videos from the Library (shown below)


Again, you will only be asked once and this is not asking for any further information/access than in iOS13.

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