Mevo Start: Restore Factory Settings

You may reset your camera to its factory settings either through a command in the app, or by pressing the pinhole button on the underside of the camera.

Please be advised: Resetting your camera to factory settings will remove any saved information in your app. You will have to log in again to any accounts and the camera will not remember any saved Wi-Fi networks. If you have re-named your camera and set a camera password, these will also be reset.

This will also set the Start back to an earlier firmware, which you will need to update.

Reset Button on the Camera

If you want to reset your Start to factory settings without using the app, you may do so directly on your camera.

Make sure your Start is powered on and plugged into AC power.

Get a paperclip, and pull out one end to make it straight.

What to carry in your sysadmin toolkit - Page 13 - TechRepublic

Take your paperclip, and press its end into the pinhole for thirty seconds.

You will see your camera's front light start blinking white.


When the reset is finished the camera will restart.

When the reset is finished, the front light will start blinking blue, indicating that it's ready to setup a connection.

Reset via the App

To reset your camera to factory settings through the app, first open the settings menu by tapping on the three dots at the bottom-right of your app screen, then tap the gearwheel icon.

Scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset.


Next, scroll down and tap Restore to Factory Default.


The Mevo App will prompt you to make certain you really want to do this.


Tap Yes if you want to continue.

You will see your camera's light start blinking.

Once the Start has been reset to manufacturing defaults, you will be prompted to connect to the camera again.

You will now go through the same startup process as when you used your camera for the first time. 

Factory reset is only recommended as a last resort troubleshooting step; it should not be your first step to resolving an issue.

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