Connecting Mevo to OBS

There are several methods now available to connect your Mevo camera to broadcasting software such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) enabling you to expand and customize your livestreams even further thanks to the RTMP connections, the Mevo Start's NDI video output, and the newly released Wired/Wireless Webcam feature. The Mevo Plus does not have NDI, however, it can connect via Wired/Wireless Webcam and RTMP.



Connecting via NDI


- Mevo Start
- Download and install OBS (available on Windows & Mac)
NewTek NDI Integration Plugin for OBS (available on Windows & Mac)
NewTek NDI Tools - Free Registration Required (available on Windows & Mac)

  1. Open the Mevo App on your mobile device and connect to your Mevo Start.

  2. Enable NDI Mode in the General Settings towards the bottom.

    You will see "NDI Mode", press the toggle to enable it. Below the NDI Mode you will see "NDI Resolution" which you can change. Once you enable NDI, you will not be able to change the NDI Resolution. This feature is disabled as demonstrated below. To re-enable it, disable NDI. By default we recommend 1080p/5Mbps.


  3. You can confirm NDI has been enabled on the record button that is now labeled "NDI". 


    Now that you have "NDI Mode" enabled on your Mevo Start your computer will be able to detect it.

  4. Open OBS on your computer and under the Sources section click the + symbol.

  5. Select NDI Source.


  6. We recommend renaming the video source if you intend on inserting multiple sources into OBS however it is not required.  


    Click OK and the Properties window will open.

  7. In the Properties window click the the down arrow at the end of the Source Name dropdown and you will see your Mevo Start listed.

  8. Select your Mevo Start from the list. For best performance check Allow Hardware Acceleration.

    Press OK and you will see your camera feed displayed in the main window and is ready to stream.


Troubleshooting Steps

I only see black in the video window.
Make sure you don't have any firewalls on either in your operating system or on your local network.
I can't get NDI to work with my Mevo 1st Gen or Mevo Plus.
The Mevo and Mevo Plus do not have NDI, but you can connect via Wired/Wireless Webcam and through RTMP as shown above.
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Mevo Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
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  • This doesn't seem to work with Mevo + or the first generation Mevo.

  • Please for Mevo Plus !!!!! 


  • Can you please provide instructions to do this with Mevo Plus as well.  It is clear others on the web have figured this out an a lot of us still have Mevo Plus cameras.  Could you please post instructions to make OBS work with Mevo Plus which does not appear to have built in NDI support.  Thank you.

  • Mevo Plus has no NDI but I have successfully now gotten it working with 2 mevo + cameras.   You need OBS and also the OBS Virtual Cam additinal download software.   Setting up the ip's and keys in both Mevo software and OBS are also key.   You also need Scalar RTMP to setup a local RTMP server.  I am on Mac.   Once you have mevo streaming to an RTMP server then you set OBS to look for that via Virtual Cam and then fire up Zoom and change the camera to "Virtual Cam" which should show up in Zoom or Google Meet Camera Settings.   I have streamed out to both Google Meets and Zoom successfully with live camera switching via the Mevo Multi-Cam beta and it worked very well once all the settings were right.


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