Mevo Start: Audio Processing Options

Audio Processing Options

 The Mevo Starts internal microphones have a few advanced audio processing options to choose from. To view these options in the Audio Mixer just press the arrow next to the "Mevo"  mic input and you will see additional options like below.


Audio Processing

  • General- This is the best option if you have a mix of both music and speech. It has minimal noise reduction and reverberation removal. 
  • Music- This is meant to capture a wide frequency range perfect for recording music. Noise reduction is off to avoid distortion. 
  • Speech- This uses all 3 internal microphones to estimate where the sound is coming from and then focuses on the detected audio and gives a high signal to noise ratio. This is called beam-forming. It reduces unwanted sound originating from behind the camera. This option has a high level of noise reduction and reverberation removal. 
  • Wind- Like speech mode this mode uses all 3 microphones to measure the intensity and frequency of wind hitting the mics. From there, the algorithm reduces/removes unwanted noise. 

Auto Gain Control (AGC)

Automatic gain control will adjust the gain to give an consistent output to your viewers when the detected sound level varies. This setting will affect the audio processing options differently.

  • Music- If AGC is enabled when using the music processing option the AGC will adjust slower than the other processing options. This is done to avoid an unbalanced audio affect.
  • Speech- If AGC is enabled when using the speech processing option the AGC will adapt more aggressively than the other processing options to ensure the speech is delivered at the highest quality.
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