Mevo Start USB-C functions

Mevo Start comes with an all new USB-C charging port. This USB-C port adds a lot of functionality of the Mevo Start.

  • Quick-charge capable
  • Power external devices
  • Power on and off Mevo Start remotely
  • Accepts Ethernet dongles
  • Accepts audio input


Mevo Start is quick-charge capable. This means the Mevo Start can be charged at a rapid rate. You should expect to charge the up to 6 hour battery from 0-80% in 1.5 hours. The charger that works for the Mevo Boost is quick-charge capable. The Start is able to be plugged into any charger 24/7 without worry of over or under charging.

Power external devices / Power On and Off remotely

In your Mevo Settings you will find both "Power external USB devices" and "Power on/off with USB cable". Each have their own toggle to have on/off. 

Powering external USB devices means you can draw power from the Mevo battery to charge a different device or to power a device that requires power in your production. This will power external audio inputs that may need extra power to function properly. 


This function is available for Mevo Start only. 

Power on/off with USB cable allows you to remotely power your Mevo Start remotely. If the Mevo Start doesn't detect power it will power down after 15 minutes of activity. If you plug your Mevo Start in it will detect it and power on. This allows you to mount your Start in various locations where you may not have access to the power button. 

Supported Ethernet Dongles

Mevo Start allows you to connect Ethernet cable to it via the USB-C cable. The Mevo Power over Ethernet (POE) adapter permits both power and Ethernet via one adapter but other third party adapters work if your modem/router does not support POE.

Read about the POE and Third party Ethernet adapters here

Supported Audio Input

You can plug in external audio sources via your USB-C port, your device can be plugged in directly or via various USB-C adapters.