Mix All Audio Channels for Boost USB


To use the "Mix audio channels" feature in the app load and connect to the Mevo and follow these steps.

Once connected to your device, press the ellipsis.


Then go into your settings by pressing the gear.


Then press Audio & Video settings.


Now you will find the "Mix all channels" toggle switch.


When it is OFF, the device providing a mono signal as you can see remains mono.


Now we turn the "Mix audio channels" option ON


The same mono audio is now duplicated in both channels for a like stereo experience.


Things you should know:

Having the "Mix audio channel" feature ON has these effects.

  • • Source is Mono- The channel is duplicated in both left and right channels for a stereo like experience.
  • • Source is Stereo- Both channels are duplicated in both the left and right channels.


If the "Mix audio channel" feature is OFF this is the outcome.

  • • Source is Mono- The audio will only be in the one channel.
  • • Source is Stereo- The audio will remain as stereo.