How to join and install the Mevo Mic Beta

Customers with Android or iOS devices may apply to join our Beta.

Please note that this is meant for testing Beta versions and is not recommended for mission-critical production environments.

Android Beta Mevo Mic

You will then see the following screen. Select Become a Tester to continue.


Once you see the "You are now a tester" message, click download it on Google Play to download the app.

Be advised that the beta may not download right away. On average, customers can expect the app to arrive within 30 minutes.


Select Install. The app will start downloading.


Once it has finished downloading, tap Open to launch the app.


iOS Beta Mevo Mic

*To Join:

You can apply to become part of the beta program through this form. Once approved you will then need to install the Testflight app. You can search for it in the Apple App Store.

After installing Testflight, open the app and click "Allow" followed by "Continue". If you've been accepted into the beta, you will see the Mevo Mic app as an available app to install.



If you encounter any issues, please report them to us.