Mevo Signal Not Appearing in Studio Over Ethernet

If you are trying to connect your Mevo as a remote camera to Studio over an Ethernet connection (via Mevo Boost) and the signal doesn't come in (as shown below), this could be the result of a rare IP configuration on your network preventing the two applications from communicating properly.


Please note the issue described below is known but very rare. If it doesn't describe your setup, you or your IT team should make sure that your devices are all on the same IP and subnet, and your network firewall isn't blocking UDP ports 5353, 60936 - 61036.

If your Studio system's subnet falls within the IP range 192.168.17.xx and you are connecting Mevo to the same network via Ethernet, Mevo will not be able to communicate with Studio. This is because Mevo uses that IP range to assign IPs to mobile devices accessing the Mevo hotspot via DHCP.

To resolve this, you can do one of two things:

1 - Connect Mevo via Wi-Fi instead of using Ethernet-Hotspot, ensuring it's still connected to the same network as your Studio computer.

2 - Set a static IP address on the computer running Studio so that it falls outside of the 192.168.17.xx range. Doing this would allow you to connect Mevo via Ethernet. Here's a tutorial on how to do it.

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