Stream to YouTube Live with Mevo

Mevo producers can choose YouTube as a streaming destination for their events, either to a YouTube event or via YouTube's Stream Now option.

In the live edit view, tap the red button in the lower-left corner.

All of your streaming and recording options will populate. Tap the YouTube icon.

You will be prompted to log in via Google. Continue to log in to your account and authorize Mevo.

The screen shown below will open. On the bottom, you can either create a new event on your YouTube channel directly from the Mevo app, select Stream Now to stream directly to your channel page rather than a pre-configured event page on your YouTube account, or select a pre-existing event on YouTube; swipe left along the bottom of the screen to see more events.

When you select you streaming destination, a small gearwheel will appear next to the icon; tapping this will allow you to configure additional settings for your stream (note: If you select New Event, this screen will open automatically).

From here, you can give your stream a title and choose your privacy setting (Public, Unlisted, and Private). If this is a new event, you can also set the start date and time. Tap Save when you are done to continue.


From here, you can:

1) Choose whether or not to display chat messages in the Mevo app.

2) Choose your streaming quality (up to 1080p).

3) Tap Go Live to start streaming.

If you want to create an event on, see the Events section in this article for instructions; be sure to select 'Custom' as your event type and not 'Quick.'

If you see a 'Forbidden' error message when attempting to stream to YouTube, make sure you have enabled live streaming on your YouTube account.

Mevo will start sending the stream to YouTube. If you selected Stream Now, your channel is currently live.

If you selected an event, you will instead see a countdown to the start time you previously configured.

After a moment, a blue Publish button will appear. When you are ready to push your stream live to your channel, tap Publish.

Please note that manually publishing your stream to your YouTube event is required even if the countdown ends. The stream will not publish at the set time automatically.

The blue button will indicate the stream is loading. After a few seconds, the app will indicate that your stream has been published in the lower left corner.

Tap the information bar in the lower left corner to reveal more information about your stream, including viewer count, battery levels, bitrate, timer, and audio source.

To end the stream, tap the red dot, then slide the larger red dot that appears to the right.

A card will appear indicating your stream has ended. If you streamed to a scheduled event and no longer intend to stream to this event, toggle on Complete Live Event on Youtube; do not select this if you plan to go live to the same event again. This option does not appear if you selected Stream Now as your streaming destination.

You can also choose whether or not to save a recording of your stream to your microSD card and upload the recording to Vimeo.

See YouTube's documentation regarding saving archives of your streams on YouTube.

Going Live to YouTube using RTMP

To stream to YouTube using RTMP you can do so by first logging into your YouTube profile. 

Press your profile image and go to "YouTube Studio"
This link ( will also take you there for your convenience.
Once the YouTube Studio page loads you will see on the top right of your screen a "Go Live" icon. Press this icon.


At the top of the next screen, you will see 3 options, you want to select "Stream", and you will see options to put in your stream details. Press "Create Stream".


You will then see this window. These are the details you need to insert in your Mevo app. Take this information down both the stream key and your stream URL then press "Done"


Inside your Mevo app, press the red button in the lower-left part of your screen.


Select the "RTMP" icon listed, then press "New RTMP".


Fill out your details, the name can be anything you want. We recommend something easy and unique to distinguish from other sources you may add. Paste in your stream URL as well as your stream key then press "Save".


You will now see the source you added, select it and a green checkmark will appear, then press "Go Live".


You are now live on your YouTube channel. 

Remember to publish the stream on YouTube. The Mevo is sending your feed to YouTube but you must publish the stream. To do this in YouTube Studio press "Go Live" on the top right of the screen.


Reset your YouTube RTMP Key

Once you reset your YouTube RTMP key following the guide below, you need to restart the Mevo app. It will then allow you to access "Stream Now" and the previously unsupported events. 

If the image is too small, you can click it to load it on a separate tab.


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