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Content creators can choose YouTube as a streaming destination for their events, either to a YouTube event or via YouTube's Stream Now option. Users can also utilize RTMP to stream to their YouTube destination. You can use the walkthroughs below to do so.

YouTube Subscriber & Viewership Policies

YouTube allows mobile streaming with the Mevo at 50 subscribers, however, they limit your viewership. You can only have as many viewers as your subscriber count is + 25. Find examples below.

If you have 50 subscribers, you can then have 50 + 25 = 75 viewers

If you have 700 subscribers, you can then have 700 + 25 = 725 viewers.

If you have less than 1,000 subscribers and need more viewers for your content than your subscriber count allows then you should use the RTMP option below to go beyond your viewership limit.

If you have hit 1,000 subscribers this limit is then removed but the process of validation may take a few weeks for YouTube to process as they confirm legitimacy of your subscribers.


Auto Start/Auto Stop

If your stream is not automatically starting and stopping based on your Mevo app going live then you need to enable auto-start and auto-stop in YouTube Studio.

Learn more about auto-start and stop here.

RTMP Built-In

Going Live to YouTube using RTMP

  1. To stream to YouTube using RTMP you can do so by first logging into your YouTube profile. 

  2. Press your profile image and go to "YouTube Studio"

    This link ( will also take you there for your convenience.

  3. Once the YouTube Studio page loads you will see on the top right of your screen a "Go Live" icon. Press this icon.

    Mobile Users

    If do you do not see these options, ensure you run in a browser that allows you to view the desktop version of the website. Select the browser you are using below for directions to do this.

    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox


  4. At the top of the next screen, you will see 3 options, you want to select "Stream", and you will see options to put in your stream details. Press "Create Stream".


    First Time YouTube Studio Users

    If this is your first time using YouTube Studio, you may be greeted with "Welcome to the new YouTube Live Control Room" pop up. We've included those below. If you aren't greeted with this, you can continue with step 5.

    Press here to see the steps for new users.

    First Press "Start" for either option. The result is the same.Untitled_Clipping_120120_042708_PM.jpg

    Then press "Go" for Streaming SoftwareUntitled_Clipping_120120_042734_PM.jpgContinue with step 5.

  5. If you've never created an event this way, you will need to select "Schedule Stream"Screenshot_120120_043945_PM.jpg
  6. Insert all the content data and press "Create Stream"Screenshot_120120_043828_PM.jpg
  7. Your event is now created, press the thumbnail or the title of the event to open your settings.Screenshot_120120_044144_PM.jpg
  8. You will then see this window. These are the details you need to insert in your Mevo app. Take the stream key and url information down. Best practice is to use copy and paste to avoid typos.Untitled_Clipping_120120_044314_PM.jpg
  9.  You can also choose whether it will auto-start or stop. If disabled you will have to manually start and stop the stream in YouTube Studio. If it's enabled YouTube will start and stop your stream based on if it detects your feed from your camera so you are live as soon as the feed is received.


    If your internet upload is not great and your upload goes down for a period of time YouTube might end your production prematurely. Use at your own risk.

  10. Inside your Mevo app, press the red button in the lower-left part of your screen.


  11. Select the "RTMP" icon listed, then press "New RTMP".


  12. Fill out your details, the name can be anything you want. We recommend something easy and unique to distinguish from other sources you may add. Paste in your stream URL as well as your stream key then press "Save".

    RTMP Name

    This is simply a name so you can identify what RTMP profile for future use. Your platform handles the actual stream title, as well as stream description.


  13. You will now see the source you added, select it and a green checkmark will appear, then press "Go Live".


  14. You are now live on your YouTube channel. 


    If you did not enable auto-start you will need to manually publish your stream in YouTube Studio by pessing Go Live.


Troubleshooting Steps

I don't see "Stream Now" as an option or my event is "Unsupported"
As of September 2020, YouTube has removed the "Stream Now" option of YouTube Live. You can still stream live using events.
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
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