Connect Mobile Device to Mevo Boost Directly via Ethernet

If your event is in an environment that is congested with Wi-Fi signals, such as a convention center or a conference, it may be best to connect your Mevo to your mobile device directly using an Ethernet cable. This will achieve more reliable communication between your camera and the Mevo app.

In order to do this, you will need:

- A Mevo Boost

- An Ethernet cable

- An Ethernet-to-USB adapter

- An Apple USB Camera adapter

- A lighting-USB charging cable

Connect the Ethernet-USB adapter to the USB port of the USB Camera adapter.

Your mobile device will not be able to use the Ethernet connection unless it is also being charged. Plus a charging cable into the lightning port on the camera adapter.

Plug your Ethernet cable into the Ethernet adapter.

Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into the back of the Mevo Boost.

Connect your mobile device to the lightning plug of the USB camera adapter.

Make sure Mevo and Mevo Boost are both powered on and that Mevo is in hotspot mode.

When you launch the app, the connection card will indicate that you are connected via Ethernet. Check by tapping the Configure Mevo button.

You will see that your device is connected to Mevo via Direct Link.

Tap Done, then tap Connect. You can now communicate with your Mevo directly via the Ethernet cable.