What is Live Follow, and When Should I Use It?

Enabling Live Follow allows for the camera shots to follow the movement of people's faces. It's ideal for situations such as a speaker walking around a stage or a chef moving from one side of a kitchen to the other.

If your subjects are staying fairly static, such as a panel discussion or a meeting, we usually recommend disabling this feature to prevent unnecessary short movements of the camera shot.

Go to the More Options menu and tap the Camera Assistant icon.


You will notice three options: Find Faces, Live Follow, and Auto-Pilot.

In order for Live Follow to work, you must enabled Find Faces, as the Live Follow feature only follows faces. Learn more about Find Faces.

Tap Find Faces first, then tap Live Follow. The buttons will turn from gray to white, indicating that they are enabled.


If you would rather face shots stay static to a specific area, turn Live Follow off.