What Happens to Mevo If My Bluetooth Connection Drops?

Bluetooth is used when you first launch the Mevo app to detect any nearby Mevo cameras. Once you connect to your Mevo via its hotspot or over your Wi-Fi network, the Bluetooth connection is no longer used until you disconnect from your camera. If you lose Bluetooth connectivity while actively using your Mevo, there will be no impact on your stream or recording and you will still be able to control your camera.

However, if the app is not able to detect your camera before connecting, be sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device, or try turning it off and then enabling it again to reset it. Rebooting your camera can also resolve this.

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  • Bluetooth works, internet works, everything seems to be connected correctly, but sometimes the phone and Mevo won't connect, other times, after being properly connected, it just drops the connection, and other times, the connection works.  There is no consistency.  Location isn't changing, nothing is wrong with the internet signal, we've had experts in to check it and even upgraded equipment, with no improvement.  No other devices, bluetooth or internet are having problems communicating.

  • I’m having the same problem.  I can only broadcast using my cellular data.  If I connect to Wifi, which is faster and more bandwidth than my phone, the sound is choppy and the connection drops every 10-15 minutes.  Did you get any answers?

  • I’m having the same problem.

  • Hi John, 

    Sorry, no.  It's been over a month and nothing from them.

  • This happens quite often. It seems that the iphone app and the android app to not allow the same functions when connected and the camera becomes confused when swapping between phone os types. The apple phone app can reset the camera password where in the android phone app the password change is not available in wifi, and the camera will not connect to bluetooth to set the password settings. I have uninstall the app to reset the password on my android phone if it is changed by and iphone.... too bad they have not responded to this discussion.


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