Setting Up Your Apple Airport Extreme for Mevo


We have found that Apple's Airport Extreme router provides a reliable connectivity experience with Mevo.

The Airport Extreme automatically creates a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, which we recommend when connecting your Mevo to a local network. Additionally, the Airport Extreme supports DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection), which generally sets its Wi-Fi network on a channel with little local interference from other wireless devices.

This helps in creating a stable connection from the Mevo to your mobile device through the local Wi-Fi network. 

Setup for Mevo

Once you have connected your Airport Extreme and created its wireless networks according to its included instructions, navigate to the AirPort Utility and select Edit.


Choose the Wireless tab in the window that opens.

Under Wireless Security, select either WPA/WPA2 Personal, or WPA2 Personal. 

Set a password for your network.

Then click Wireless Options.


Check the box for 5GHz network name and change the name from its default, if you wish, then click Save.


Update these changes. Your Airport Extreme wireless network will temporarily go offline as it updates.


Once it is back online, connect your mobile device and Mevo to the 5GHz network to get the best connection with your Mevo.