Stream to a Facebook Group

In order to go live from Mevo to a Facebook Group, you must be an Admin and need to install the Mevo Facebook App to your Group. Once you have configured these settings, you can go live to your Facebook Group from Mevo. 

First, make sure you are an Admin of your Group. Only Admins can adjust Group settings and go live to Groups. Also be sure you have updated Mevo to version 1.9 or later.

On your Group's Discussion page, open the More menu and select Edit Group Settings.


Scroll down to the Apps section and select Add Apps.


Find the "Mevo Camera" app in the list and select it. Once you've added the app to your Group, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the settings screen and click Save.

You can now connect your mobile device to the Mevo app on iOS or Android. Select Facebook as your streaming destination and your Group(s) will populate to the right.


Please note that streams to Groups will always be public to members of your Group, regardless of the audience setting selected in the app.

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  • How did you get the mevo to stream from your group?  I haven't been able to figure it out.  It streams from my page just fine, but not the group.  thanks

  • Figured it out based on these instructions but it looks like facebook has updated their menus, and you need new screenshots.


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