I'm on a School or Corporate Network. How Should I Configure my Network?

Often times, larger, more complex networks that are common in schools, corporations, hotels, convention centers, etc. have security configurations that can interrupt streams.

To connect the camera with the Mevo app via a Wi-Fi network, please ensure the following ports are open:

  • TCP 38000
  • TCP 38001 
  • UDP ports range 61000-63000

Streaming involves a back and forth communication between your local network and the streaming server to which you are sending your stream. To ensure a successful stream, we recommend opening the following Firewall ports to incoming and outgoing communication:

  • TCP 1935
  • TCP 80
  • TCP 443
  • UDP 53
  • UDP 2088

Please also ensure that Bonjour is allowed on your network, as this is necessary for your camera and mobile device to communicate with each other. 

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