Pan and Tilt Your Shot

To pan a shot means to move your camera's view from side-to-side. Tilt is to move the shot top to bottom or bottom to top.

To pan or tilt your shot using Mevo, simply place one finger over your active shot and drag it to the desired location. The shot will move with your gesture; the white box indicates where your finger currently is whereas the following box (red or blue) indicates what your viewers are seeing live. This allows for a smooth camera movement.


You can also utilize the Action Menu to move your close-up shot to another part of the view based on your settings. Tap and hold the part of the screen you want the shot to pan or tilt to until the menu pops up. Drag your finger to the hare icon and then release in order to do a fast move.


Select the tortoise icon to do a slow transition. 

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