Change Mevo's LED Ring Settings

You may change the lights that you see on your Mevo's light ring by changing the settings in the Mevo app. This may be ideal in a darker lit room where the LED's can be distracting to either your subject or your audience.

In your app's menu, tap on the Gear Wheel icon.

Tap Mevo Settings, and then scroll down to find the Light Ring section.

Here, you may adjust several of the light ring's settings.

For Mode, you may adjust:

  • On - This is the default setting.
  • Hide crop - This will make the front red light solid while recording and streaming. It will not adjust to indicate where the live editing is focused, left-to-right.
  • Stealth mode - There will be no lights at all on the light ring once connected to a mobile device. 
  • Off - No lights on the camera will ever turn on while in this mode. Before setting this mode, the app will send you a warning that you will not be able to tell if the camera is on or off by looking at it. 

For Identify animation, you may choose which color spins around the ring when you power your Mevo on and off. White is the default setting.

For Light Ring brightness, you can use a slider bar to adjust the brightness of the light on the ring. 

All changes will take effect once you close out of the Mevo Settings menu.

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