What Happens to my Stream and Recording if I Lose Internet Connection?

When you stream, make sure you have a microSD card installed in your Mevo, as your stream will automatically record to the card simultaneously.

If you lose internet connection while you are streaming, Mevo will attempt to reconnect for 30 seconds and continue recording. If you are unable to reconnect, both the stream and the recording will stop. You can then switch to hotspot mode and either try streaming over 4G or record to the microSD card.

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  • Is there anyway to continue recording to the SD card if the internet goes down.  Seems silly to completely lose the recording when it has the capability of recording locally.

  • I have the same request. It would be so useful in areas with poor LTE connectivity.

  • This is the absolute biggest gripe i have w/ Mevo that it decides to just shut down the recording to the SD card b/c of a connectivity loss...I have to check and recheck my phone throughout the game to ensure it’s still “active”.  There is no reason for that.

  • Connected to wifi started live stream on Facebook then lost connection

  • Definitely should be an option to continue recording on the SD card if Internet is lost.  Experienced this during a power failure.  30 seconds is not long enough for the router to come back up.


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