Create an Over-the-Shoulder Overlay

You can create an over-the-shoulder (OTS) graphics overlay with Mevo, allowing you to display text or images as part of a report or presentation.

To access this feature, you must have a Vimeo Producer or Vimeo Premium plan; learn how to subscribe here. You will also need a supported microSD card inserted into your Mevo camera.

Tap the canvas icon in the bottom right corner of the live edit view to get started.

The larger rectangles in the upper half of the screen are the two OTS overlay options. Tap the + icon for whichever side you prefer to use.

You can choose between a single slide, a presentation, or a countdown. For a basic OTS graphic, select Slide.

The following screen will appear. If you wish to only have a text OTS graphic, you can adjust the alignment at the top of the screen and the background and text color using the palette of at the bottom of the screen. You can adjust the opacity of the background color using the slider on the bottom left side.

Tap inside the box to start typing. The text editor will automatically move text to the next line as necessary.

If you want to include an image, tap the camera icon in the OTS preview image. You will need to allow access to your camera and photo library on your mobile device.

Your photo gallery will appear below. Take a photo with your camera or choose which photo you wish to use. It will need to fit the full 16:9 rectangle so you may need crop your image or edit it before adding it.

You can add text to your image by tapping Add your text. You can change the text color to black or white by navigating back to the color palette and selecting black or white on the far right side. The below example has aligned the text center-bottom and changed it to black.

When you have finished designing your OTS graphic, tap the checkmark on the right side.

You cannot edit overlays; be sure you are satisfied with your OTS graphics appearance before tapping the checkmark.

Your OTS graphics will be saved to your microSD card and appear in the following list screen. Tap the OTS to proceed with using it.

The overlay preview screen will show your graphic in the OTS box. You can switch it to the other side by tapping the opposite OTS box. To confirm pushing it to your output, tap the checkbox in the lower right corner.

You will notice the OTS does not appear in your live edit view, but you can see it in the output monitor, which confirms that your viewers can see it.

To remove the OTS overlay, tap the canvas icon again. Tap the red delete icon on the OTS overlay, then tap the checkmark to confirm removing it from your output.

The graphic will still be saved in the Mevo app via your microSD card. Making these changes while broadcasting live will not interrupt your stream.