Mevo/Mevo Plus Firmware Recovery

Warning - Not for the Mevo Start

Attempting to use this with your Mevo Start could damage the unit.

We have a process to help users recover their unit if it is not performing as expected.

This process should only be used as a last resort troubleshooting step if you observe that your camera is not powering on properly (i.e. no noise on startup, constantly spinning white LED ring) or the hotspot mode is not turning on properly (i.e. you see a blinking yellow light over the Wi-Fi icon when in hotspot mode). We highly recommend users open a ticket before trying this process to confirm this is the only solution for the issue you are experiencing.

Windows Users Mac Users
      1. Insert your microSD card from your Mevo Plus into your computer.
      2. Click HERE to download the recovery zip file.
      3. Right-click the file and select "Extract All"
      4. Press Extract
      5. Press Next
      6. Drag the .mevo_recovery folder to your microSD card
        (Click here if you do not see the file!)
      7. Remove the microSD card
      8. Make sure the Mevo camera is off, then insert the microSD into the camera and power it on.
      9. When the LED ring stops spinning, it will turn solid green.
      10. When this happens. Press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera until the LED ring starts spinning, then release the button.
      11. Your camera will be ready to use once the camera reboots, you should now see a blue and green light indicating you are now in Mevo Hotspot mode.

Troubleshooting Steps

Do you not see the .mevo_recovery folder?
If you do not see hidden files/folders you must enable this manually following the instructions below.
    1. Search "File Explorer Options" in Windows Search
    2. Select "File Explorer Options" under Best Match
    3. In File Explorer Options press the "View" tab.
    4. Select option, "Show Hidden files, folders, and drives"
    5. Press "Apply"
Still having an issue?
Please open a support ticket here so a Mevo Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
Open Ticket
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