Firmware Backup and Recovery

We have built a tool to recover your camera's firmware via the included microSD card.

This tool should only be used as a last resort troubleshooting step if you observe that your camera is not powering on properly (i.e. no noise on startup, constantly spinning white LED ring) or the hotspot mode is not turning on properly (i.e. you see a blinking yellow light over the Wi-Fi icon when in hotspot mode). 

Download and install the Mevo Firmware Recovery tool for Mac or Windows. These contain firmware version 1.7.20.

When you finish installing the tool, launch it and connect any compatible microSD card to your computer. You can use the included microSD card and adapter. When you're ready to proceed, click Next.

Select your SD card from the drop-down menu, then click Start.

It will take a few seconds to load the firmware onto the microSD card. When the process completes, safely eject the SD card from your computer and adapter.

Make sure the Mevo camera is off, then insert the microSD into the camera and power it on.

When the LED ring stops spinning, it will turn a solid green. When this happens. press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the camera until the LED ring starts spinning, then release the button.

Your camera will be ready to use once the camera reboots.