Logging Out Of Your Livestream Account

You can log out of your Livestream account through the Mevo app. This is useful if you need to stream to a different Livestream account versus the one you are already signed into.

There are two places inside the Mevo app where you can log out of your Livestream account. First, you can tap the red button on the live production screen to open the stream configuration screen.

Select Livestream as your destination. If you are already logged in, you should see a Log Out indicator in the lower right corner. Tap this to log out.

Alternatively, you can open up your Mevo options menu, then tap on the gearwheel.

Tap Live Streaming Destinations, then select Livestream.

You will see your account name in the bottom right corner if you are logged in. To log out, tap Log Out on the left side.

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