Connect to the Mevo Cameras in Hotspot / 4G-LTE Mode

If you do not have a local Wi-Fi network, you can connect your Mevo camera to the Mevo app through the camera's Hotspot mode, then stream over your mobile device's 4G-LTE connection.

Mobile Data Usage!

Livestreaming can use a lot of data, so be careful if you have a limited data plan or you could be charged overages.

The Mevo Start and earlier generations have different form factors and LEDs but they are similar. You can click your model below to see what your camera LED should look like when attempting to use the Hotspot Mode. If your lights do not match the examples then the camera is likely not yet in Mevo Hotspot mode.

Mevo Start Hotspot LED

After powering on a Mevo Start camera you will notice a white light then once the camera has established the Hotspot Mode it will show a bluelight shown below. initialize.gifbluedot.png

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Mevo Plus/First Gen LED

For the Mevo Plus/First Gen cameras, you should notice above the Wi-Fi indicator on the back of the camera that the LED ring light is pulsing blue. This means that the Mevo camera Wi-Fi hotspot is ready to connect.

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Outside of the LED differences the process to connect is the same. There are slight distinctions in this process between iOS and Android devices.

iOS Android
  1. When you open the app, you will see a connection card directing you to either Configure iPhone or Configure Mevo.

  2. Tap Configure iPhone, which will prompt you to join the Mevo hotspot network. Tap OK

  3. You will be asked again if you want to join the Mevo WiFi network., press OK

  4. Your phone will notify you that the Mevo App is trying to join the cameras network. Tap Join.

  5. Once you are connected to the cameras Wi-Fi hotspot, you will then see the card update with a blue Connect button. Tap this to connect the app to your camera.

  6. The connection will reveal your cameras live production screen.


Troubleshooting Steps

My Android Device Can't Go Live with Mevo Hotspot
Some devices, such as the Google Pixel, may display a warning that the cameras network has no internet access. This is expected. Configure your Android device according to this article to resolve this.
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Please open a support ticket here so a Customer Experience Agent can address this for you.
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