Connect To Mevo in Hotspot / 4G-LTE Mode

If you do not have a local Wi-Fi network, you can connect your Mevo camera to the Mevo app through the camera's Hotspot mode, then stream over your mobile device's 4G-LTE connection.

Livestreaming can use a lot of data, so be careful if you have a limited data plan or you could be charged overages.

After powering on the Mevo, you should notice above the Wi-Fi indicator on the back of the camera that the LED ring light is pulsing blue. This means that the Mevo Wi-Fi hotspot is ready to connect.

There are slight distinctions in this process between iOS and Android devices.

iOS Device

When you open the app, you will see a connection card directing you to either Configure iPhone or Configure Mevo.

Tap Configure iPhone, which will open the iOS Settings menu.


Navigate to the Wi-Fi menu in your iOS settings. Your device will search for nearby networks. After a moment, you should see a network named Mevo-#####. Tap it to connect your device to your Mevo.


The 'No Internet Connection' message is normal because the Mevo hotspot does not actually produce an internet connection.

Once you are connected to the Mevo's Wi-Fi hotspot, navigate back to the Mevo app. You will then see the card update with a blue Connect button. Tap this to connect the app to your camera.


The LED ring will spin in blue around the top of the camera, then turn solid blue at the front. 

The connection card will spin away and reveal your Mevo camera's live production screen.

Android Device

Launch the Mevo app and tap the blue Connect button.


A pop-up alert will appear prompting you to update your network settings. To connect to the Mevo hotspot, select Change Wi-Fi On Phone.

The option to Change Wi-Fi On Mevo will allow you to connect your Mevo to the same Wi-Fi network to which your mobile device is connected.


The app will refresh for a moment to change your Android device's Wi-Fi connection to the Mevo's hotspot. When it finishes, the camera's LED ring will spin blue and the live production screen will open automatically on your mobile device.