Supported External Audio Sources & Adapters

Our team has tested a variety of adapters, extenders, and mixers to use as audio sources with Mevo. These adapters can be either via the lightning port or the headphone jack on the phone or tablet or via USB on the Mevo Boost.

Listed below are products our team has tested and determined to be compatible with Mevo and the Mevo app. Please note that products that are not listed here have not been tested and we make no guarantees that any audio devices outside of this list will work with Mevo.

**Zoom devices require a specific setup in order to work with Mevo.

User tested adapters

The adapters included in this document have not been tested by Mevo. These devices were collected from users who have had good experiences with them.

 Click here to visit our living document of customer recommended adapters.

A note about the Belkin Lightning Splitter:

This lightning splitter has been tested with the Mevo app and we have found that it works only with certain workflows.


It does work with the TRRS-to-lightning adapter that is included with iPhone 7. It also works with a lightning-to-USB adapter when using a USB audio interface.


TRRS-to-Lightning adapter (included with iPhone 7 and later)

USB-to-lightning adapter

It does not work when directly connecting lightning audio sources and adapters.

What is a TRRS plug?

The key factor determining if your audio source is compatible with the 3.5mm port on mobile devices is the type of plug it has. It must exactly match the form factor seen in recent versions of the Apple earbuds with the built-in microphone, as pictured here:

The red arrows above are pointing to three chrome rings and a chrome tip separated by three much thinner rings. This is referred to as a TRRS plug (tip-ring-ring-sleeve). This is the correct type of audio input that iOS devices can accept.

Mobile devices cannot input audio with plugs that only have 2 or 3 chrome rings, such as those pictured below:


A TS (tip-sleeve) and TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) plug. These are not supported as audio inputs.

We are continually testing more products and will update this list as we find more compatible audio sources.

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