Can I Control Mevo From a Computer?

The Mevo app is only available on iOS and Android mobile devices. There is currently no desktop application or software for controlling Mevo.

If you're looking for a way to use Mevo as a Wired or Wireless Webcam, then head here.

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  • When will the computer app for use of mevo Start as a webcam be available?  I really need it now.  We are trying to stream our services, while also sharing the screen with our slides.  For that I believe we will need to be on a computer.  Any ideas?

  • I have the same question.

  • I also have the same query.

  • Our church really needs to be able to control the camera from a windows laptop - please make this happen soon! Thanks!

  • Our church is also anxiously awaiting this option.


  • That would be definitely be amazing, for those that like us, use Mevo Start as an video NDI source and need to manage the camera from phone, connecting and disconnecting to adjust cameras...

    App for Mac PLEASE

  • I would love to be able to control the Mevo camera using the computer in our Mission. I am hoping to be able to set the camera to be operated by a number of different preachers on different nights and it would be easier if they could use the computer in the Mission rather than have to have the App on their iPhone or Android phone. I think that a number of them will not use it which is a shame.

  • You can control the "movements" of the camera by computer!! I found out by chance. Use NDI Studio Monitor. Select a shot via the app - this is more comfortable than using the zoom and movement functions in NDI with your mouse. - And then select a number - for example number 1 - in NDI Studio Monitor an click Store. Then you can call the preset by just typing 1 - as long as NDI Studio Monitor is an active window in windows - and the camera will switch to preset 1.

    Of course you cannot adjust camera settings by NDI Studio Monitor.

  • I'm not sure why reps are trying to act like this app never existed and as if it wasn't on their website a few years ago.

    I downloaded this software when we first purchased our Mevo Plus camera and it worked well. This app helps to elevate the Mevo Cameras to a professional workflow in which you can control the Mevo camera from a desktop computer, like what ever computer you use for production, as opposed to only relying on battery powered mobile device. I'm planning on downloading it again. 

  • Thank you for pointing this out. - Unfortunately livestream Studio 6 is not free of charge. Since I don't need to stream to several platforms simultaneously I am OK with using a less professional software like OBS. - So the only option I have found so far to control the Mevo from my computer is NDI Studio Monitor.


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