What Do I Do If I Have a Question About My Order?

We're here to help! If you have any questions regarding your Mevo order, please send us an email.

Please note that we will need to reference your order number which can be found on the receipt that was emailed to you upon purchase. 

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  • Hello

    I need to talk with someone ASAP regarding a billing issue.  Please call me at 586.381-0272

    thank you

    Donna Marshall

  • I see that my order has shipped.  I need to make sure you are not shipping two orders.  My husband contacted me this morning and asked why there are two charges.  Please call me regarding this.  I only received a confirmation for one order but the first card I tried to use has a hold charge on it.  I could not get the card to work and never got a confirmation.  Please please call me so I can give my husband an answer.  586-381-0272.

    Donna Marshall


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