Settings for Triggering the Action Menu

Version 1.11 of the Mevo app adds a new Action Menu, which creates and deletes static shots and includes controls for various camera moves. There are a few settings to customize how to trigger the Action Menu in the live production screen.

Tap the More Options menu, then the gearwheel to open settings.


Navigate to the Audio & Video menu.


Scroll down to the Action Menu section. By default, Use Only Force Touch to Open is disabled, and Tap-and-Hold Delay is set to 0.5 seconds. This means you do not need to press down on your phone's screen to trigger the menu, and the menu will appear 0.5 seconds after you tap and hold your finger onto the screen.

If you prefer a longer delay before the menu appears, drag the slider to the left; the maximum delay you can allow is 2 seconds.


If you prefer to have the menu appear by pressing harder onto your screen ("Force Touch"), then toggle the switch on next to Use Only Force Touch to Open. This will remove the Tap-and-Hold Delay menu since the menu will now only appear when you press onto the screen.

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