Launching the Mevo App

After the app downloads and installs, tap the icon on your device's home screen to launch the app.


You will first see this screen indicating that Mevo has joined Vimeo. Tap Next to continue.


You will then be prompted to create a Vimeo account or, if you have a Vimeo account, you may log in right away. Customers with the Vimeo Producer or Premium plans will be able to access their paid features right away.

If you do not have a Vimeo plan, you can still use your Mevo with its included features. Tap Skip in the bottom right corner to continue.


A message will pop up asking you to confirm you do not want to log into Vimeo; tap Confirm.



You'll then be prompted to Enable Notifications. Please click "OK" and the "Allow". If you want to hear more about what notification you'll receive, click here. 


You will then see the connection card screen where you can connect to your Mevo via its built-in hotspot or Wi-Fi.


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