MicroSD Card Recording Capacity

We have run recording tests and determined estimated maximum recording times for each streaming quality in addition to recording to the microSD card only.

Please note that if you are livestreaming, your event will continue broadcasting even if you run out of recording space on your microSD card.

When you select Record, and then choose your quality, the Mevo mobile app provides an estimate of available capacity for the selected quality in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Bitrate per Resolution

Resolution Recording Streaming
4K 40Mbps -
1080p 20Mbps 1.2-6Mbps
720p 10Mbps 0.7-2Mbps
480p 4.5Mbps 0.4-1.5Mbps
360p 2.5Mbps 0.3-1Mbps


Important: The numbers reflected here are estimated maximum recording times based on our testing. Times can vary depending on the content being recorded due to bitrate fluctuation when processing the video data.

  • Lots of movement in video (e.g. sports) = more video data recorded = less recording space
  • Little of movement in video (e.g. panel discussion)  less video data recorded = more recording space
Quality 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB
360p Stream Backup 32 hrs 64 hrs 132 hrs 264 hrs 528 hrs
480p Stream Backup 20 hrs 40 hrs 80 hrs 160 hrs 326 hrs
720p Stream Backup 9.5 hrs 19 hrs 38 hrs 76 hrs 155 hrs
1080p Stream Backup 6 hrs 12 hrs 24 hrs 48 hrs 97.5 hrs
720p Recording 3 hrs 6 hrs 13 hrs 26 hrs 52 hrs
1080p Recording 1.75 hrs 3.5 hrs 7 hrs 14 hrs 28 hrs
4K Recording 50 min 1.6 hrs 3.2 hrs 6.5 hrs 13.2 hrs

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