Connecting Mevo & Mevo Plus to Ethernet via the Chromecast Ethernet Adapter

The Chromecast Ethernet Adapter was designed for Chromecast users who preferred to use the device over Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi. This device has been tested with Mevo & Mevo Plus and allows for streaming via an Ethernet connection without the need for a Mevo Boost.


Simply plug the Chromecast adapter into a power outlet and attach the microUSB end to the back of your Mevo.


Connect an Ethernet cable from your modem to the adapter.


Important: In order for this to work, Mevo must connect to your iOS device over the Mevo's wireless hotspot (rather than over the local network). However your streaming will still occur over the Ethernet network and not LTE/4G.

When you connect Mevo this way, it will detect the Ethernet connection automatically. However, because the physical connection is through the USB hardware, the app will indicate a "4G/LTE Modem" connection, although you are in fact using Ethernet.

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